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Toronto, North America's new high-rise metropolis

Hamburg, Oct 24, 2012 - Toronto is North America's new high-rise boomtown. Nowhere else in North America are more high-rises and skyscrapers under construction. According to the latest figures from Emporis (www.emporis.com), the world's leadingdatabase of buildings, Toronto currently has 147 such construction sites, more than twice as many as New York City, the center of high-rise architecture in North America.

No other major city in the U.S. or Canada comes even close to Toronto's – or even New York City's high-rise construction activity. Third place in theranking is occupied by Vancouver, with 21 high-rises under construction; Montreal follows close behind with just one site fewer. Boston, Ottawa and Richmond (BC), the three cities in joint eighth place, have only 12 high-rises each being built.

Toronto's construction industry has seen a continuous upward trend over recent years. October 2012 alone saw 15 high-rise building sites more in Toronto than November 2011. In New York City in the same period, on the other hand, construction of high-rises decreased by just under a fifth, from 86 inSeptember 2011 to 72 in October 2012.

Despite the current construction boom, Toronto willbe unable to compete with New York City in terms of the total number of completed high-rises – even over the course of decades to come. There are currently 6,009 completed high-rises in the city onthe Hudson; Toronto, by contrast, has 2,501, more than 3,500 fewer. By way of further comparison, Hong Kong, with 7,829, is the city with the most high-rises and skyscrapers in the world.

Emporis defines high-rises as multi-story buildingsof at least 35 meters, or of 12 to 39 stories if the height is not known. Those at least 100 meters tall, or 40 stories and more, are classed as skyscrapers.

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