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Site du Bois du Cazier


Site du Bois du Cazier
monument complex



  • On August 8th 1956, 262 people lost their lives in a mining accident at this former colliery complex.
  • In 2002 this site was turned into a museum to commemorate the industrial past of Wallonia.
  • Dutch photographer Kryn Taconis receives for his artistic pictures regarding this mining disaster in 1957 the price of Arts Directors in New York.
  • The cages of the mining elevators were 12 m high, weighted empty 4.3 metric tons and had eight stories. Each story could hold one mining wagon.
  • A mining wagon had a cubical content of 0.7 m³. This was equivalent to 1030 kg of coals or 1360 kg of stones.
  • The deepest level of this mine was 1175 m.
  • Top speed of the elevators was close to 17 m/s.
  • The site occupies a total surface area of 0.26 km².
  • Site du Bois du Cazier ceased to be a colliery and was closed on December 30th, 1967.
  • The site was classed as a monument by the Walloon government on May 28, 1990.
  • In 1955 this colliery extracted 170 000 metric tons of coals. In this same year 725 people worked in the colliery.
  • In 1930 sixteen people lost their life in a gas explosion.
  • After the disaster of 1956, full production started again from 1957 until 1963, when the capacity was reduced.



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