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Poet's Apartments Complex


Poet's Apartments Complex
residential complex



  • The complex derives its name from the fact that each of the seven buildings is named after a prominent literary figure.
  • All seven of the structures were built in the late teens and were part of the burgeoning Country Club Plaza District.
  • All seven buildings have state and federal historic landmark status.
  • In spite of the landmark status, developers are unrelenting in presenting proposals to demolish the complex to construct higher density towers with combined office, retail, and residential elements.
  • This development was constructed by the late Kansas City, Missouri, builder Charles E. Phillips, who also built the Hotel Phillips in downtown Kansas City.



Involved Companies

Nelle Peters

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# Building Height Floors Building type Year Status
1 plazaorsurroundings-view-of-the-front-entrance Thomas Carlyle Apartments 8 low-rise building 1928
2 plazaorsurroundings-view-of-the-front-of-the-building James Russell Lowell Apartments 8 low-rise building 1929
3 Robert Browning Apartments 7 low-rise building 1929
4 Washington Irving Apartments 7 low-rise building 1928
5 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Apartments 7 low-rise building 1928
6 Robert Louis Stevenson Apartments 7 low-rise building 1928
7 Eugene Field Apartments 7 low-rise building 1929
8 Mark Twain Apartments 7 low-rise building 1929
under construction
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