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Otxarkoagako Dorreak


Otxarkoagako Dorreak
Torres Otxarkoaga
residential complex


  • The towers, even though they are part of the same complex and have the same design, are separated through the neighbourhood of Otxarkoaga.
  • The buildings were constructed for people that lived in the neighbourhood of San Inazio in very poor conditions.
  • In 1963, three years after they were built, the first problems began to appear due to the low-cost construction materials that had been used. Nearby residents protested but it wasn't until 1989 that attempts to improve the condition of the buildings and the zone finally began. Since 2000 even more effort has been put into improvements and city council has spent more than 17 million euros.



Involved Companies

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# Building Height Floors Building type Year Status
1 exterior-front-view Pau Casals 1 ≈170 ft 15 high-rise building 1960
2 plazaorsurroundings-south-facade Pau Casals 3 ≈170 ft 15 high-rise building 1960
3 exterior-front-view Larrakoetxe 7 ≈170 ft 15 high-rise building 1960
4 exterior-front-view Larrakoetxe 5 ≈170 ft 15 high-rise building 1960
5 exterior-front-view Larrakoetxe 9 ≈170 ft 15 high-rise building 1960
6 exterior-view-of-the-south-and-east-facades Pau Casals 17 ≈170 ft 15 high-rise building 1960
7 exterior-view-of-the-south-facade Txotena 23 ≈170 ft 15 high-rise building 1960
8 fromfaraway-south-facade Txotena 68 ≈170 ft 15 high-rise building 1960
under construction
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