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Civic Center


Civic Center



  • The Civic Center is a product of infamous Kansas City political boss Tom Pendergast who many say "ran the city" during prohibition in the 1930s from his nondescript office in a two-story building just a few blocks away.
  • In keeping with the Pendergast legend of doing everything in a grandioso style, the Jackson County Courthouse and the Kansas City, Mo., City Hall were said to be the tallest such city and county government buildings in the world.
  • A book entitled, "Tom's Town" (still in publication) is considered the best biography about Pendergast and how his concrete company got the contracts on such public projects in 1930's Kansas City, Mo.



Involved Companies

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# Building Height Floors Building type Year Status
1 exterior-a-statue-of-the-president-who-freed-the-slaves-greets-visitors-in-this-former-slave-state Kansas City City Hall 443 ft 30 skyscraper 1937
2 exterior-from-ilus-davis-park Oak Tower Building 379 ft 28 skyscraper 1913
3 exterior-view-from-southwest-with-city-hall-in-background Jackson County Courthouse 295 ft 22 high-rise building 1934
4 exterior-view-from-city-hall-observation-deck Richard Bolling Federal Building 295 ft 18 high-rise building 1965
5 exterior-the-front-of-the-argyle-building-facing-south-from-12th-and-mcgee-streets Argyle Building 120 ft 10 high-rise building 1910
6 exterior-east-of-the-civic-center Jackson County Jail ≈184 ft 14 high-rise building 1987
7 exterior-the-school-district-headquarters-faces-north Kansas City School District Headquarters ≈145 ft 11 low-rise building 1959
8 exterior-front-facing-west-toward-the-front-lawn-of-city-hall Kansas City Police Headquarters Building 10 low-rise building 1938
9 Police Communications Building ≈66 ft 5 low-rise building 1993
10 exterior-facing-west-towards-the-courthouse Community Justice Center ≈66 ft 5 low-rise building 1938
11 exterior-west-facade Kansas City Municipal Courts Building ≈40 ft 3 low-rise building 1972
12 Jackson County Criminal Justice Center ≈40 ft 3 low-rise building 1983
13 Missouri Court of Appeals ≈40 ft 3 low-rise building 1985
under construction
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