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Isozaki Atea


Isozaki Atea



  • Atea is Gate in the Basque language, and the project is intended to be the entrance to Bilbao.
  • This project will hold the highest residential floor in Bilbao, surpassing Etxetxuko Dorreak.
  • At the beginning of the 1990s there was a proposal by Argentaria financial company to build a tower in excess of 200 meters at this site, Torre Argentaria. The proposal was rejected by the authorities because "it was too high".
  • The original project had the towers set at 26 floors but was revised due to pressure from neighbouring residents.
  • The nearby Zubizuri Bridge designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava was connected with Isozaki Atea I. The footbridge was opened in February 2007.
  • This will be the highest residential mixed-use building in the Basque Country surpassing Torre Unzaga.
  • In total 254 residential units are being built in this complex divided in five different buildings.
  • Total cost of the complex estimated at $91 million euros.
  • 3,753 square meters will be dedicated to retail space and 1,360 square meters for office space. A center for the elderly is also expected to be built.
  • It will in 2007 be surpassed by Bolueta I as the city's tallest residential buildings.
  • The site is occupied by "Deposito Franco de Bilbao". Part of three of the facades are going to be retained and integrated into the new project.
  • There has been a lot of discussion regarding this project. The buildings are located in a zone where there aren't many tall buildings, so people from neighbouring flats were opposed to them.
  • Unlike the two towers, the low rise buildings will have a brick facade.



Involved Companies

Robert Brufau y Asociados

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# Building Height Floors Building type Year Status
1 exterior-view-of-works-from-uribitarte Isozaki Atea I 272 ft 22 high-rise building 2008
2 exterior-scaffolding-as-seen-from-the-albia-complex Isozaki Atea II 272 ft 22 high-rise building 2008
3 photoofamodel-view-of-the-model-in-a-public-exhibition Isozaki Atea IV 115 ft 8 high-rise building 2007
4 fullheightview-view-from-rampas-de-uribitarte Isozaki Atea III ≈68 ft 6 low-rise building 2007
5 photoofamodel-view-of-a-model-in-a-public-exhibition Isozaki Atea V ≈57 ft 5 low-rise building 2007
under construction
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