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The Beacon


The Beacon
Jersey City Medical Center
residential complex



  • The Jersey City Medical Center has been replaced by the Wilzig Hospital.
  • Plans for its redevelopment, called the Beacon, will occur in three stages.
  • The initial stage will target Buildings B and C, turning them into 315 condominium units, a rooftop restaurant, a public pre-K /daycare center, and 64,821 square feet of office/retail space.
  • When completed in 2010, the complex will feature 1,200 condominium units, a public theater, a gourmet market, parks, shops, a dog run, a library and business center, screening rooms, a spa and a museum devoted to the Jersey City Medical Center.
  • The Jersey City Medical Center was spearheaded by Mayor Frank Hague, who wanted to create a model for medical services to the urban poor.
  • Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it is New Jersey's largest example of Art Deco architecture.
  • State law requires the developers to restore the facades, lobbies, and other historically significant features.


New Jersey

Involved Companies

John T. Rowland

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# Building Height Floors Building type Year Status
1 fullheightview-view-from-the-west-along-clifton-place The Criterion 320 ft 22 high-rise building 1936
2 fullheightview-view-from-the-north The Rialto 295 ft 21 high-rise building 1938
3 exterior-view-from-the-northwest The Capitol 295 ft 20 high-rise building 1941
4 top-building-crown-from-the-north The Orpheum 295 ft 20 high-rise building 1931
5 fullheightview-view-from-the-southwest-along-baldwin-avenue The Mercury 222 ft 17 high-rise building 1938
6 area-main-entrance-on-montgomery-street Jones Hall 180 ft 14 high-rise building 1939
7 exterior-view-from-the-southeast The Tower 170 ft 17 high-rise building 1932
8 fullheightview-view-from-the-south 201 Cornelison Avenue 114 ft 10 low-rise building 1940
9 fullheightview-view-from-the-southeast-along-clifton-place The Paramount ≈262 ft 22 high-rise building 1941
10 exterior-view-from-the-northeast The Hague ≈203 ft 17 high-rise building 1928
under construction
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