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Rockefeller Center


Rockefeller Center
The Radio City



  • In the depths of the Great Depression, Rockefeller Center - still the largest private building enterprise ever undertaken in the United States - began rising over midtown. The project gave employment to almost 4,000 New Yorkers.
  • The original fourteen structures remain supreme examples of the heroic slab skyscraper and the Center as a whole embodies the modernist ideal of multiple use in urban design.
  • Rockefeller Jr. envisioned a large, ambitious commercial development for the young network-broadcasting industry. RCA, RKO, and NBC would be primary tenants.
  • The complex was originally named "the Radio City" and was intended to be a planned modern community.
  • The original fourteen buildings were designed by three of the era's foremost architectural firms: Hood & Fouilhoux; Corbett, Harrison, & MacMurray; and Reinhard & Hofmeister.
  • Property contains approximately 6,443,537 square feet of usable space.
  • In the first few decades of the 19th Century the site of Rockefeller Center was occupied by the Elgin Botanic Garden.
  • In 1969 this complex was the first recipient of the American Institute of Architects' prestigious Twenty-Five Year Award given to buildings whose design has stood the test of time for at least 25 years.


New York

Involved Companies

Welton Becket and Associates

The Associated Architects

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# Building Height Floors Building type Year Status
1 lookingdown-view-from-the-empire-state-building-observatory Comcast Building 850 ft 69 skyscraper 1933
2 exterior-view-to-the-west 1251 Avenue of the Americas 750 ft 54 skyscraper 1971
3 fullheightview-view-from-the-east McGraw-Hill Building 674 ft 51 skyscraper 1969
4 base-view-from-6th-avenue Celanese Building 592 ft 45 skyscraper 1973
5 exterior-view-to-the-northeast Time-Life Building 587 ft 48 skyscraper 1958
6 fullheightview-view-to-the-northwest International Building 512 ft 39 skyscraper 1935
7 fullheightview-view-from-the-northeast Time-Life Building 489 ft 34 skyscraper 1937
8 exterior-view-from-the-south Time-Warner Building 424 ft 33 skyscraper 1947
9 exterior-view-from-the-southwest 1270 Avenue of the Americas 409 ft 31 skyscraper 1931
10 exterior-view-to-the-northwest Manufacturers Hanover Building 399 ft 28 skyscraper 1952
11 fullheightview-view-from-southeast Rockefeller Center Hotel 268 ft 26 high-rise building 2006
12 exterior-view-from-the-southwest Simon & Schuster Building ≈234 ft 21 high-rise building 1939
13 fullheightview-view-from-the-southeast Eastern Airlines Building ≈190 ft 17 high-rise building 1940
14 exterior-view-from-the-southeast Associated Press Building ≈167 ft 15 high-rise building 1938
15 fullheightview-view-from-the-southeast 610 5th Avenue ≈67 ft 6 low-rise building 1937
16 620 Fifth Avenue ≈67 ft 6 low-rise building -
under construction
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