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Vysotniye Zdaniya


Vysotniye Zdaniya
Seven Sisters



  • Although these "Stalinist Gothic" towers weren't completed until the mid-1950s, their designs were in fact conceived during the 1930s at a time when similar style towers were being constructed in New York City.
  • These are the main buildings to dominate the skyline of Moscow for over forty years.
  • Often derided in the West during the Cold War, and nicknamed "Stalin's Wedding Cakes".
  • Sonstsevo, a small worker-settlement for those involved in the construction of the Vysotniye Zdaniya, was built near the city before construction commenced. Today it is one of Moscow's suburbs.
  • Aside from the buildings of the Kremlin these are the most famous buildings in Russia, with extensive exposure in movies and souvenirs.
  • Before construction the developers surveyed the towers' visibility from around the city by launching zeppelins to the future positions of the spires.
  • A few similar buildings were built elsewhere, including the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, Academy of Sciences in Riga, and South Urals State University in Chelyabinsk.
  • 21st century skyscrapers inspired by the Seven Sisters include Triumph-Palace and Edelweiss in Moscow and Triumph of Astana in Astana, Kazakhstan.



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# Building Height Floors Building type Year Status
1 Palace of the Soviets 1,276 ft - skyscraper -
2 fromfaraway-south-side-seen-from-october-revolution-50th-anniversary-park Lomonosov Moscow State University Main Building 787 ft 36 skyscraper 1953
3 fromfaraway-view-from-the-west Radisson Royal Hotel 650 ft 34 skyscraper 1955
4 exterior-south-side-seen-from-bolshoy-krasnokholmsky-bridge Kotelnicheskaya Naberezhnaya 1/15 577 ft 32 skyscraper 1952
5 top-view-of-the-top-from-the-street Ministry of Foreign Affairs 564 ft 27 skyscraper 1953
6 exterior-looking-northwest-from-kudrinskaya-square Kudrinskaya Ploshchad 1 525 ft 22 skyscraper 1954
7 lookingup-looking-up-from-kalanchevskaya-street Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya Hotel 446 ft 26 skyscraper 1953
8 exterior-southwest-side-seen-from-across-red-gate-square Red Gate Square 436 ft 24 skyscraper 1953
under construction
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