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Azrieli Center


Azrieli Center
HaShalom Project
Azrieli Towers
מגדלי עזריאלי



  • One of the busiest malls in Israel, with myriads of shoppers daily. There are around 30 restaurants, fast-food counters, cafes and food stands in the mall.
  • A pedestrian bridge, completed on March 2003, connects Azrieli Center with the street level of Matcal Tower.
  • The entire complex has approximetly 150,000 square meters of office spaces, all of which are for rent only.
  • The largest and most expensive private project ever built in Israel.
  • Total cost is approximetly 350,000,000 US dollars.
  • This large complex has 8 cinemas in it, a large fitness club, night schools and is also connected by bridge to one of the busiest rail stations in the city.
  • Due to high, constant terrorism threats, Azrieli towers are heavily guarded. The towers' mall is probably the world's most secure shopping center, with 2 lines of defence on every entrance.
  • Architect Attia's original plan for Azrieli Towers called for a slightly different mall and three shorter towers. The current design is a result for the change of architects by Mr. Azrieli, making Yaski-Sivan Architects in charge of the final design.
  • Azrieli Center's total plot area is 34,500 square meters.
  • Included in the complex is a 400-seat, open air auditorium.
  • Before the construction of Azrieli Center, the site used as Tel Aviv's dumpster-trucks parking garage.
  • The curtain wall of the buildings was put up at a rate of one floor a day, 2,500 m² a week.
  • Included in the project is an underground carpark of 3,500 spaces, the largest in Israel and the Middle East at the time of completion. It is still one of the largest ever built in the region.
  • Still planned is a connection between Kaplan underpath and the project's underground carpark.
  • Fain Towers are proposed to be built directly across HaShalom Road.
  • The complex totals 500,000 square meters.



Involved Companies

MYS Architects

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# Building Height Floors Building type Year Status
1 azrieli-center-spiral-tower-tel-aviv-yaffo-israel-israel-construction-foundations-viewed-from-begin-road Azrieli Center Spiral Tower 1,102 ft 82 skyscraper 2025
2 exterior-looking-up-in-front-of-the-triangular-tower Azrieli Center Circular Tower 614 ft 49 skyscraper 1999
3 exterior-corner Azrieli Center Triangular Tower 554 ft 46 skyscraper 1999
4 exterior-the-unbuilt-tower Azrieli Center Square Tower 505 ft 42 skyscraper 2007
5 exterior-viewed-from-hashalom-street-ground-entrance-to-azrieli-center Azrieli Center Fountain - fountain -
under construction
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