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Daley Ferraro Associates

group of companies

2720 Queensview Drive
K2B 1A5 Ottawa

General Information

group of companies
construction auditing

Involved Projects (6 Projects)

# Building Location Height Floors Building type Year Status Role
1 The Melville [The Melville] Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 141 m 43 skyscraper 2008
wind surveyor
2 Preston Square Tower III [Preston Square] Ottawa, Ontario, Canada ≈14 m 4 low-rise building 2007
wind surveyor
3 Preston Square Phase II [Preston Square] Ottawa, Ontario, Canada ≈37 m 11 low-rise building 2006
wind surveyor
4 The Gardens [The Gardens] Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 53 m 16 high-rise building 2004
construction auditing
5 The Adelaide [Preston Square] Ottawa, Ontario, Canada ≈27 m 8 low-rise building 2004
wind surveyor
under construction
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