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About Torres

32,358 in city
162 km² (63 mi²)
16 m
Torres (Towers) owes its name to the three hills located by the sea. The North Tower is the Morro do Farol (Lighthouse Hill), The Middle Tower is the Morro das Furnas (Caves Hill) and the South Tower is the Morro da Guarita (Guarita Hill). All these rock formations took shape in the Jurasic/Cretacious Period (about 140 million years ago) and are made up of cooled lava (basalt). Torres is a popular beach town which attracts vacationers from the State of Rio Grande do Sul and also from Argentina and Uruguay. Most of Torres' high-rises are residential buildings which remain empty most of the year. The owners occupy their apartments mainly in Summer. During the summer months (December through March), Torres' population jumps from 33,000 to nearly 200,000.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
161 All Buildings
under construction

Building types

No. Type
156 high-rise building
5 low-rise building