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Águas de Lindóia

About Águas de Lindóia

15,867 in city
60 km² (23 mi²)
945 m
Águas de Lindóia is a small city situated 160 km north of São Paulo, on the area also known like Circuito das Águas. The city is internationally known for the properties of its medicinal waters is today, one of Brazil main mineral water resorts. Since the late XVIII century, frontiers men and troupers used the hot and therapeutic waters of the region. Nowadays, Águas de Lindóia is considered The Thermal Capital of Brazil, having an excellent touristic structure, a diverse art trade (woodcraft, sweets, crochet and bakestry), and it's the second biggest Hotel Park of São Paulo State.

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5 All Buildings

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5 high-rise building