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About Nacogdoches

34,047 in city
65 km² (25 mi²)
Nacogdoches, (pronounced Nacka-doe-chess) a small city of 29,000 people, in the Deep East Texas Piney Woods, is surrounded by 3 National Forests. It is about 2 1/2 hours North of Houston, and is 20 miles north of it's 'twin' city Lufkin, Texas where 32,000 people live. It is home to Stephen F. Austin State University (mascot the Lumberjacks), and is very much a smaller college town. The town is noted throughout Texas in its early history as the independent Republic of Texas. It even hosted the short lived Fredonia Republic and Rebellion. It is the head of the Old Spanish Trail or Kings highway that lead to San Antonio hundreds of years ago. It was site of an Indian village before that, and Indian mounds are located all around the county. It is known as the 'Oldest town in Texas' and that moniker is plastered all over town. Forestry is a main industry outside the University.