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About Shawinigan

53,016 in city
0 km² (0 mi²)
Situated north to Trois-Rivières, Shawinigan is a very distinct agglomeration. Seven municipalities were unified on January 1, 2002. Grand-Mère, Lac-à-la-Tortue, Shawinigan-Sud, St-Georges, St-Gérard-des-Laurentides, St-Jean-des-Piles and Shawinigan. Shawinigan experienced a fast urban development thanks to the will and to the tenacity of Montréal and American businessmen which were linked to give rise to Shawinigan Water and Power Company (SWP) in 1898. This company of production and distribution of electricity quickly became one of most significant in Canada. Shawinigan also widens its horizons in electrochemistry, electrometallurgy and, as from the years 1950, in petrochemistry.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
5 All Buildings

Building types

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4 low-rise building
1 observation tower