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About Santurtzi

47,155 in city
937,779 in metro
6 km² (2 mi²)
4 m
The last of the big towns in Bilbao’s metro area. Santurtzi is home to Bilbao’s harbour “Puerto de Bilbao” which was built at the beginning of the 20th century. The harbour has been expanded many times during this past century, and right now huge works are underway to expand it even further by around the year 2020. Santurtzi had a bigger extension in the past but the town separated in two parts one of them was the town of Ortuella (7.000 inhabitants). A predominantly industrial city, with two power Station, a termic and a gas station, which supply most of the power necessities in Bilbao’s metro area. Very linked with industrial activities that trigger a lot of prosperity in the past the town is trying to overcame this and to stop the flow of inmigrants that are going back to their home towns. The town is trying to do so, by creating more infrastructures for the people, by improving medical assistance and created green zones (parks) and so on. Santurtzi is located on a sloapy hill, but that hasn’t unable construction comapanies to build more and more houses, that even now with fewer and fewer space left continue to build. Bilbao's subway system will reach Santurtzi in 2008.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
35 All Buildings

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Murrieta 15 203 ft -
2 Murrieta 13 197 ft -
3 Sede Autoridad Portuaria 187 ft 2009
4 Murrieta 17-19 171 ft 2004
5 Kabiezes 2 164 ft 1968

Building types

No. Type
27 high-rise building
5 low-rise building
3 chimney