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About Manly

40,000 in city
0 in metro
16 km² (6 mi²)
Situated 10 kilometres north-east of Sydney on the lower Northern Beaches, Manly was named by Captain Arthur Phillip after his encounter with the confident and manly Aboriginal people of the Kay-ye-my clan who lived here. Surrounded on three sides by water, Manly is the perfect destination to enjoy both the habour and the 18 ocean beaches, coves and inlets to swim, sail and surf. Some of Manly's attractions including Oceanworld, featuring Australia's largest collection of marine life, the Manly Art Gallery and Museum, one of the finest regional art galleries in NSW, the North Fort Artillery Museum, also at North Head, has a collection of guns used in the defence of Australia over the past 200 years. Manly was very much a village in its early days and while many things have changed over the past 125 years, Manly is still affectionately referred to as 'The Village'. CLIMATE: Average Temperature - - Summer: 18° - 27° Celsius - Winter: 8° - 17° Celsius Average Annual Rainfall: 1200mm.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
20 All Buildings

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Pembroke Apartments 184 ft 1982
2 25 Marshall Street 184 ft 1995
3 Manly National Hotel 164 ft 1984
4 Trident Apartments 157 ft 1990
5 Berkeley Square 148 ft 1986

Building types

No. Type
19 high-rise building
1 low-rise building