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Umhlanga Rocks

About Umhlanga Rocks

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Umhlanga ("Place of Reeds" in Zulu) is Durban's most exclusive and expensive beach-fronting suburb and is about 18 kilometers North from the city centre. It was formed at turn of the last century as a holiday destination for Durban’s wealthy and built on this reputation to create vast resort styled developments along its shoreline. In the last 10 years it has become a corporate suburban business node and has many futuristic glass and steel offices buildings on the Ridge, a high hill overlooking the ocean, itself packed with mansions with vast sea views. Continued development continues apace including Gateway South Africa’s largest shopping mall and it will shortly be home to Pearls development containing 7-star accommodation and tasteful 40+ storey skyscrapers which will offer tremendous views along the Bay to Durban's impressive beachfront skyline.