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About Norcross

9,887 in city
5,910,296 in metro
10 km² (4 mi²)
319.129480614 m
Norcross was founded as a resort town for wealthy Atlantans. Arriving by train at the Norcross depot, these visitors often stayed at the Brunswick luxury hotel located across from Thrasher Park, a pleasant green space cooled by a grove of tall oaks and magnolias. As the town quickly grew, its charming central business district was soon surrounded by traditional Southern homes. The City of Norcross is Gwinnett County's second oldest city and has played many roles in local history and development. It was founded by J. J. Thrasher and named for his good friend Jonathan Norcross, a former Mayor of Atlanta. Norcross was incorporated on October 26, 1870.

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