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About Maringá

325,968 in city
585,756 in metro
488 km² (188 mi²)
596 m
Maringá is a city projected in 1947 to be home to 200.000 inhabitants by 2000; this wealthy city surpassed that prediction with an actual population of 300.000 in the city and 500.000 in its metro area. Each and every region of the city was intricately planned, from the straight avenues and the type of construction in each zone, passing through the plazas and parks. Skyscrapers were at first forbidden in the city with strong ordinances forbidding highrise development, but as the city grew and the land started to become more valuable the city hall decided to allow the construction of tall buildings in certain regions of the city. The city has one of the largest Japanese communities outside Japan, but the Japanese are not the only people you will find in the cosmopolitan city; it is home also to Poles, Germans, Italians and Arabs.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
210 All Buildings
under construction

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Royal Garden 427 ft 1991
2 Aspen Trade Center 286 ft 1995
3 Continental 235 ft 1995
4 Palladium 214 ft 1995
5 Torre de Ébano 192 ft 2005