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About Niterói

474,002 in city
11,812,482 in metro
129 km² (50 mi²)
0 m
Niterói is a wealthy city in Rio de Janeiro metro-area, wealthier then Rio de Janeiro itself. The city has the second best life standard in Brazil, and its economy is based on tourism and industry. Niterói is home of some of the largest ship warfs in South America, and its tourism is biased in its twin city Rio de Janeiro. Both Niterói is connected to Rio de Janeiro by the Rio-Niterói bridge with 14km long. The skyline is very similar to Rio´s low residential buildings crowding the streets near the beaches, but its civil construction sector is more active than Rio´s.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
301 All Buildings
under construction

Building types

No. Type
284 high-rise building
14 low-rise building
3 mast (framework)