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João Pessoa

About João Pessoa

674,762 in city
1,077,944 in metro
211 km² (81 mi²)
40 m
João Pessoa is the capital of Paraíba, a state in the northeast region of Brazil, sometimes called the city where the sun comes first, is a Brazilian city and the easternmost city in the Americas called Ponta Seixas. João Pessoa has approximately 40 km of beaches (both residential and virgin) as well as many small, natural islands. The Brazilian Ministry of Tourism (BMT) notes that "on the outskirts of the capital are the most popular beaches in the State, such as Tambaú and Manaíra. Nearby it is possible to find one of the few Brazilian nudist beaches (naturism) that is officially recognized, Tambaba." In addition, BMT enphasizes that it is "full of parks and avenues which abound with fruit and ornamental trees; João Pessoa has many forest reserves, where one can find the coconut tree and many other species of tree which constitute the coastal woodland landscape that attracts thousands of tourists every year." All buildings with 12+ floors in João Agripino and Brisamar neighborhoods can be found in this database.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
791 All Buildings
under construction

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Tour Geneve 598 ft 2018
2 Residencial Alfredo Volpi 500 ft 2016
3 Rio Mamoré 449 ft 2011
4 Tarsila do Amaral - Torre B 443 ft 2018
5 Tarsila do Amaral - Torre A 443 ft 2018