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Cedar Rapids

About Cedar Rapids

128,119 in city
256,324 in metro
166 km² (64 mi²)
222.506705682 m
Cedar Rapids is the second largest city in Iowa. The seat of Linn County, it is located in east-central Iowa along rapids of the Cedar River. The city was laid out in 1841. Steamboats could travel upriver as far as this point, and the rapids provided an excellent source of power. Oatmeal mills were established in the 1870s. The Quaker Oats Company, founded in 1873, was the dominant industry in the city until well into the twentieth century. Other foods processed in the city include corn, meat, and soybeans; manufactured products include machinery and computer systems. Unique among American cities, Cedar Rapids' main municipal facilities are located on a small island in the middle of the Cedar River.

Metro Cities

Cedar Rapids, Marion

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
108 All Buildings
under construction

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Alliant Tower 285 ft 1972
2 Cedar River Tower 237 ft 1975
3 APAC Building 207 ft 1983
4 Quaker Oats Plant 190 ft 1927
5 CRST Center 180 ft 2016