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St. Joseph

About St. Joseph

77,176 in city
126,644 in metro
113 km² (44 mi²)
270.056083882 m
Saint Joseph, seat of Buchanan County, is a trading, railroad, and highway center of northwest Missouri, located on the Missouri River about 50 miles north of Kansas City. Lying in a rich agricultural region, industries include agricultural products as well as meat packing, concrete, and metals. The city was founded as a trading post by Joseph Rubidoux of St. Louis in 1826. The town was laid out in 1843, and quickly became the departure point for thousands of settlers headed west. The famous Pony Express mail service between St. Joseph and Sacremento, California was established in 1860 after the railroad had arrived in 1859. The city's population topped 100,000 in 1900, but since has declined to just over 70,000.

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St. Joseph

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