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Round Rock

About Round Rock

104,664 in city
1,716,289 in metro
67 km² (26 mi²)
223.630142212 m
Round Rock is Austin's largest suburb, located 15 miles north of Austin. It is the world headquarters of Dell Computer Corporation, which employs over 20,000 in the Austin area. Round Rock is so named because of a huge round rock in Brushy Creek right in the center of town. The native Indians used it as a safe passage across the creek. Round Rock is growing extremely fast, and has doubled in size during the past 10 years. Williamson County, where Round Rock sits, is the fastest growing county in Texas. Round Rock is mostly suburban in character, with a few new 6 to 8 floor hotels along IH-35. In 1998 there were plans to build up to a dozen mid-rise (10 to 12 floors) residential and hotel towers in the La Frontera development, with heights at around 144 feet. If built, they would have been the tallest buildings between Austin and Temple, a stretch of 60 miles.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
43 All Buildings

Building types

No. Type
40 low-rise building
1 water tower
1 bridge
1 open-air structure