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About Anchorage

298,610 in city
374,553 in metro
4,396 km² (1,697 mi²)
31.0899780541 m
Alaska's most populated city is located along the Cook Inlet. Anchorage was founded in 1914 as a railroad camp and grew into a key shipment center for the oil industry. The city suffered a devastating earthquake in March of 1964 measuring 9.2 on the Richter scale, the strongest magnitude ever to hit a North American city. The rebuilt city grew over the following decades into Alaska's chief commercial and banking center.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
119 All Buildings

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Conoco-Phillips Building 296 ft 1983
2 Robert B. Atwood Building 265 ft 1983
3 Hilton Anchorage East Tower 229 ft 1971
4 JL Tower 226 ft 2008
5 Anchorage Marriott Downtown 219 ft 2000