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About Waco

127,018 in city
233,378 in metro
247 km² (95 mi²)
143 m
Waco sits on the Brazos River along Interstate 35 and is the seat of McLennan County. With Dallas and Fort Worth 100 miles to the North, and Austin 100 miles to the South, it is somewhat of a crossroads in this part of the state. Waco was named after the Waco Indians who lived in the area. Waco is home to the world famous Dr. Pepper Museum. The drink Dr. Pepper was invented in Waco in the early 1880s. Back then it was called "The Waco" because Waco was the only place where you could find it. Today, Dr. Pepper is the oldest soft drink in the world. Waco is also home to Baylor University founded in 1845 which is the largest Baptist University in the world, and one of the oldest universities in Texas.