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About Chattanooga

177,571 in city
690,400 in metro
307 km² (119 mi²)
206.0448 m
Located on the banks of the Tennessee River, along the Appalachian foothills of the extreme southeastern portion of the state, Chattanooga is Tennessee's fourth largest city and the seat of Hamilton County. In 1838, the city would be incorporated at the terminus of the Western & Atlantic Railroad. During the American Civil War of the 1860s, battles were fought around the city as it had been established as an important Confederate transportation center. To salute the men who fought and died during the Battle of Chattanooga, in 1890, the nation's first national military park was established at Chickamauga-Chattanooga National Military Park just to the south of the city. After the war, the city would develop into a major steel producing city and by 1890, the city was producing so much steel that it was referred to as being the "Pittsburgh of the South." Later on as the steel industry began to go into decline, the city would reinvent itself as a tourist destination. A common sight across the entire Southeastern United States were signs painted on the roofs of barns and birdhouses telling people to “See Rock City” in Chattanooga. Today, millions of visitors come to the city to "See Rock City" as well as Ruby Falls, the Chattanooga Choo-Choo, and the Tennessee Aquarium. Lookout Mountain, another popular destination, is just south of Chattanooga.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
178 All Buildings

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Republic Centre 300 ft 1975
2 SunTrust Bank Building 280 ft 1968
3 Liberty Tower 212 ft 1979
4 First Tennessee Bank Building 204 ft 1911
5 James Building 187 ft 1907