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About Sundbyberg

33,387 in city
1,643,366 in metro
9 km² (3 mi²)
25 m
Sundbyberg, a northern suburb of Stockholm, is Sweden's smallest (area-wise) municipality. It borders Stockholm to the west and north. Inbetween Sundbyberg and central Stockholm lies the City of Solna. Sunbyberg is by no means a bedroom community, in fact it has about as many workplaces (mostly offices) as residential untis (both ~17 000). Aided by good communications with the remainder of the region about 12000 commute out from Sundbyberg and as many to the City. The growth from village to city started when Sundbyberg was able to get a station on the new railwayline to Västerås from Stockholm in 1877. In 1888 it became an independant municipality and officially became Sweden's 113th City in 1927.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
20 All Buildings

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Landmärket - 2013
2 Gesällvägen 9 - 2020
3 Tuletorget Hus 2 - 2015
4 Tuletorget Hus 1 - 2015
5 Friluftsvägen 29-31 - 1958

Building types

No. Type
17 high-rise building
1 church
1 water tower
1 low-rise building