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Las Vegas

Las Vegas

About Las Vegas

623,747 in city
1,947,068 in metro
339 km² (131 mi²)
619.66 m
Las Vegas is the undisputed entertainment capital of the world. There is something here for everyone – from casino gaming to fine dining to an endless array of live shows and events. Las Vegas is also the fastest growing area in the United States. Adding 41.8% to its population between 2000 and 2010, it was ranked as the fastest growing city of the decade by Forbes. The Las Vegas Strip is a mind-boggling display of extravagance with casino resorts that make you feel as if you are in New York, Paris, or Venice. Each resort aiming to outdo the next in what has become the world’s largest theme park. The city is actually home to all ten of the world's ten largest hotels, as well as the tallest structure in the western United States – the Stratosphere Tower. The tower even has a roller coaster at the top, making it yet another 'only in Vegas' attraction. As much of the city is open 24 hours, there is never a dull moment. For those wanting even more, visitors can take a sight-seeing tour to visit the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon.


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