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About Montevideo

1,319,108 in city
0 in metro
209 km² (81 mi²)
43 m
Uruguay's capital and largest city, Montevideo is located near the mouth of the the Rio de la Plata on the southern edge of the country. Its coast is lined with boulevards called "Ramblas", which wind past harbors, port facilities, beaches, and parks. The focus of the business and government district is the Plaza Independencia, with major buildings lining Avenidas 18 de Julio and Libertad. The city is distinguished by a remarkable collection of architecture, including many major works of art nouveau from the early 20th Century, and many excellent examples of art deco and modern buildings. The Palacio Salvo is one of the world's great skyscrapers, and possibly the most famous in South America. Montevideo is Uruguay's principal economic, administrative and cultural center, and is home to about 47% of the nation's population. The city's name means "I see a hill".

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
363 All Buildings
under construction

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Torre Antel 517 ft 2002
2 Radisson Montevideo Hotel, Torre Norte 377 ft 1996
3 World Trade Center 4 367 ft 2012
4 World Trade Center Torre 2 315 ft -
5 World Trade Center Torre 1 315 ft -