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About Ibagué

419,883 in city
0 km² (0 mi²)
1285 m
Ibagué is the capital of the department of Tolima in Colombia. It is situated 1,285 m (4,216 ft) above sea level, between the Chipalo and Combeima rivers. It was founded by the spanish conqueror Andrés López de Galarza in 1550 as "Villa de San Bonifacio de Ibagué". Ibagué is also known as the "Music Capital of Colombia". The surrounding countryside produces great amounts of rice. Althoug Ibagué has not very tall buildings, the city is a nice place for living because of his spring weather all the year.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
8 All Buildings
under construction

Building types

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8 high-rise building