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About Quito

2,239,191 in city
324 km² (125 mi²)
2819 m
Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, surrounded by mountains and snow capped volcanoes, is located in a fertile Andean valley at 2,800 meters (9.184 ft.) above sea level, being the second highest capital city in the world. Founded in 1534, this charming colonial city has been declared by UNESCO, part of the Cultural Heritage of Mankind due to the outstanding mixture of styles and beauty in its architecture (Baroque, Spanish, Flemish, Moorish, pre-Columbian and contemporary) that concludes in a magic blending of indigenous and European cultures, to be found in no other place in the world. Along with this colonial beauty is a blooming commercial and modern city that is bustling towards the twenty-first century, counting on many different structures and modern high-rise buildings extended all over the northern side of the city. Quito is one of the uncommon cities where the colonial skyline at the Old town serves as a background of the rising, modern buildings at the modern and newer side of the city. The Historical Center along with the modern district make Quito a flourishing commercial city, both colonial and modern at the same time.

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No. of Buildings

No. Current status
324 All Buildings
under construction

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Imagine 328 ft 2021
2 Unique 326 ft 2020
3 YOO Quito 308 ft 2018
4 Edificio One 299 ft 2019
5 Metropolitan 274 ft 2016

Building types

No. Type
313 high-rise building
5 low-rise building
3 skyscraper
2 church
1 temple