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About Alacant

322,673 in city
0 in metro
200 km² (77 mi²)
18 m
Alicante has several defensive towers in the surroundings and two castles inside de the city, both on hills, the most important, Castle of Santa Barbara was built by the islamic civilization on Benacantill mount (166m), one of the few hills in the city, on where its stone seems to draw a human face. It's said that a moor watches the city. Largest city in Costa Blanca, important touristic resort, and capital of one of the most populated provinces in Spain, Alicante is served by good infraestructures, like its port or the international airport of El Altet. Commercial, touristic, and cosmopolitan visitors enjoy its sea, beaches and celebrations. That is why many residencial towers have boomed along its coast and try to compete in heigh with the mountains. Shall we see any skyscraper rising over the hills in the future?

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
302 All Buildings

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Estudiotel Alicante 384 ft 1962
2 El Barco 364 ft 1963
3 Tryp Gran Sol Hotel 318 ft 1970
4 Edificio Benacantil 279 ft 1967
5 Torre Alacant - 1965