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About Vigo

297,332 in city
712,929 in metro
109 km² (42 mi²)
106 m
One of the most important cities in Galicia, inside the province of Pontevedra, its one of the biggest harbours, and it is the capital cities for many transport companies. Its touristic offer is one of its strong points, and there are important comercial streets. El puente de Rande (Rande Bridge) joined the city with the rest of Galicia, closing the Ria (Bay). This bridge is one of the most impresionant spanish structures, it towers are 128 meter high. In late 2004 the city hall approved a new PXOM or "General Urbanistic Plan" that will build several towers ranging from 13 to 25 floors.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
202 All Buildings

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Hospital Xeral 246 ft 1955
2 Torre Ífer II 236 ft 1999
3 Torre Ífer I 236 ft 1998
4 Torre Toralla 230 ft 1970
5 Hotel Bahía de Vigo 197 ft 1970

Building types

No. Type
197 high-rise building
5 low-rise building