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About Arnhem

150,000 in city
102 km² (39 mi²)
15 m
Arnhem was first mentioned in 893 as Oppidium Arnoldi Villa. Its real origins date back to 1233 when the count of Guelders conferred City Rights on the town. Nowadays the city lies on the banks of the Rijn River, but this has only been the case since the early sixteenth century, when the river’s course was changed. During the Second World War the city centre was almost completely destroyed. It was also during this war that an important battle was fought here, the 'Slag om Arnhem'. It would make the city famous later on due to a book and the movie 'A Bridge To Far', which was actually shot in Deventer. Arnhem is the only city in the Netherlands that still features the Trolley bus; a mass transit vehicle which is a compromise between a tram and a bus. Further more it is the capital city of the province of Gelderland.

Metro Cities

Arnhem, Velp

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
197 All Buildings
under construction

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Ohra 256 ft 1997
2 Helix 241 ft 1968
3 Akzo-Nobel Gebouw Kernheim 230 ft 1966
4 Parktoren 229 ft 2005
5 Rijntoren 229 ft 2005