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About Reykjavík

120,165 in city
177,890 in metro
274 km² (106 mi²)
The world´s northernmost capital, and “The Worlds Biggest Little Metropolis”, is strategically located on the Atlantic ridge, midway between Europe and the Americas. It is a fascinating mixture of the traditional but a technically advanced city. In Reykjavík, unspoilt nature meets high-tech industries, the historical and cultural roots of Icelanders meet global trends. The city dates back to the late 9th century, shortly after Norse Vikings discovered the island. They named the town Reykjavik meaning "Steamy Creek" due to the geothermal steams that rose from nearby. It is a young city by any means. In 1786, when Reykjavík became a chartered township, the population was only 167, and about 6000 in the year 1900. It grew rapidly in the 20th century and as an example, more than half of the buildings in the Reykjavik Metro Area were erected after 1970. Today, the city is a home to 112.000 people and about 180.000 in the metro area, and happens to have among of the highest standards of living to be found anywhere in the World. Reykjavík has both a highly sophisticated infrastructure and good links to immediate neighbours and the rest of the world by advanced telecommunications, air, sea, postal and transportation systems. The port of Reykjavík is a leading centre of maritime services and cargo handling for the whole North-Atlantic region. Highly skilled labour, low cost "green" energy, strong research and educational institutes, well developed healthcare and general eagerness to embrace new technologies have created an atmosphere where new knowledge based industries thrive and ‘Technopolis Reykjavík’ is home to some of the world´s leading enterprises in the field of genetical and medical research and product development. It is known for its interesting light, created by the play of the northern sun on the surface of the colourful Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful mountain scenery.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
86 All Buildings

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Höfðatorg H1 240 ft 2009
2 Grand Hotel 194 ft 2007
3 Harpa 141 ft 2011
4 Vatnsstígur 16-18 - -
5 Vatnsstígur 20-22 - 2017