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About Edinburgh

401,910 in city
260 km² (100 mi²)
55 m
Edinburgh is the capital and second largest city of Scotland, in the United Kingdom. It is rightly considered as one of Europe's most stunning cities, with a fantastic natural setting, a fine history and an outstanding collection of buildings and monuments. Dominating the city is Edinburgh Castle, located at the top of a high ridge along which the rest of Edinburgh's Old Town rests. The Royal Mile connects Edinburgh Castle with Holyrood Palace, via a stunning collection of buildings from the past thousand years. Another highlight is the 18th Century New Town, the largest area of Georgian architecture in Europe and possibly the world. Other landmarks include the Scott Monument, The Balmoral, Fette's College and the National Monument on Calton Hill. But it is church spires that define Edinburgh's skyline even today, from the commanding St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral to the ancient St. Giles' Cathedral and graceful St. Andrew and St. George's Church. The city's few high-rise buildings are unattractive council-built tower blocks, and are thankfully located away from the historic core.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
92 All Buildings

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Martello Court 210 ft 1967
2 Citadel Court 193 ft 1964
3 Persevere Court 193 ft 1964
4 Exchange Tower 180 ft -
5 The Element 171 ft 2009