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About Essen

573,468 in city
7,800,000 in metro
210 km² (81 mi²)
116 m
Essen holds many key functions: The Ruhr's International Exhibition and Trade Fair Centre, the German Science Foundation, the seat of the Ruhr diocese, the Municipal Association for the Ruhr Area, the Environmental Office and also the German Weather Service. Founded in 852 as an aristocratic convent, Essen was governed by abbesses over the period of a thousand years before turning into what used to be the largest mining town in Europe dominated by the coal and steel industries. After far-reaching structural transformation the city is now a services and economic centre in which 9 of the top hundred German businesses have their head offices.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
192 All Buildings

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 RWE-Turm 417 ft 1996
2 Rathaus 348 ft 1979
3 Postbank AG Niederlassung Essen 300 ft 1968
4 Kruppstraße 5 279 ft 1961
5 RellingHaus II. BA 269 ft 1999