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About Herning

59,131 in city
105,681 in metro
541 km² (209 mi²)
56 m
Welcome to Herning - The Gem of the Moor. Herning is a young city. In 1840 only 21 people lived in the city centre, and it was no more than a small dot on the maps. Since then it has continued to grow in size and population. The city is an important part of the western Jutland, with its many factories. Over the last years the textile industry has been dominant, but today you find all sorts of industry here. The city is also known for its many trade fairs, and is home to the largest exhibition centre in re>100005. The arts and sports are also two important parts of the area. The city is home to "Elia", the largest sculpture in Northern Europe. In 2003, Herning was chosen as "City of the year" in Denmark.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
10 All Buildings

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Det gamle Codanhus 154 ft 1988
2 Herning Højskole 138 ft 1962
3 Herningcenterets Kontorhus 122 ft 1988
4 Scandic Regina Herning 98 ft 1985
5 Energi Gruppen Jylland 88 ft 1998