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About Esbjerg

82,314 in city
220 km² (85 mi²)
17 m
Welcome to Esbjerg - The main city in West Jutland and regional centre for approx. 250,000 inhabitants. Esbjerg has had an incredible rate of growth. In 1868, when the harbour was built only about 30 people lived in the area where the city is now. "Keep Things Moving" is the motto of the city, a motto that Esbjerg has always been able to live up to. This rapid growth has left its mark, not least on the structure of the city, where the central streets run at right angles to each other, as in many American cities. In the course of the last 125 years Esbjerg has grown to be Denmark's fifth largest provincial city, with about 83,000 inhabitants.

Metro Cities

Bramming, Esbjerg, Varde

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
44 All Buildings

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Mølleparkvej 2-6 - 1967
2 Mølleparkvej 1-5 - 1964
3 Kollektivhuset - 1966
4 Præstebakken 2 - -
5 Præstebakken 4 - -