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About Brisbane

2,146,577 in city
0 in metro
1,327 km² (512 mi²)
38 m
Brisbane is the capital of and the largest city in the Australian state of Queensland. First settled in 1825, Brisbane became a site for European convicts. In 1859 Brisbane became the capital of Queensland. By 1888 some imposing buildings like Old Government House and Customs House were built. The grandeur of these buildings highlighted the strength of Brisbane's growing economy. By the time of Federation in 1901, Queensland was the fastest growing state in the new nation and Brisbane was its economic hub. After World War II, came the boom years, a period marked by increased industrial activity and population levels boosted by immigration. Suburbs began to flourish and there was a major focus on sealing roads and providing the city with sewerage services. In 1974, floods devastated Brisbane. Sixteen people died and an estimated $300 million in damage was caused. Brisbane soon recovered to host two major world events – the 1982 Commonwealth Games and World Expo 1988. Since the early 1990s, Brisbane has grown enormously. The central business district has seen a proliferation and demand for tall apartment and office buildings. Major development projects have seen a regeneration of much of the city. Brisbane enjoys an enviable subtropical climate of hot, bright summers and warm, mild winters that make it good to visit almost anytime. Visitors will find an array of galleries, museums, and theaters as well as annual festivals.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
560 All Buildings
under construction

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Brisbane Skytower 884 ft 2019
2 The One 866 ft 2020
3 1 William Street 846 ft 2016
4 Infinity 816 ft 2014
5 Soleil 797 ft 2012