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About Ulsan

1,145,096 in city
1,056 km² (408 mi²)
10 m
Ulsan is an attractive port city situated in the south east of Korea, bordered by the sea to the east and by high mountains to the west. Since the establishment of the first and largest industrial complex in the 1960s, Ulsan has been the engine for Korea's economic growth, accounting for 12% of the nation's entire industrial production output and making it the industrial capital of Korea. Covering 1,056 sq km, Ulsan is Korea's largest metropolitan city, being 1.7 times larger than Seoul. It is also one of the most prosperous, with a GDP per capita of $27,000. Ulsan is a center of several industries, including automobiles, shipbuilding and machinery. Known as "the Kingdom of Car Making", a planned project called Ulsan Auto Valley will establish car related industries, a research center, museum and other industry linked facilities in the future. When completed in 2005, Ulsan will not only be the industrial capital of Korea, but also an international center of car production.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
2,713 All Buildings
under construction

Building types

No. Type
2,660 high-rise building
32 low-rise building
21 skyscraper