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About Perm

991,162 in city
799 km² (308 mi²)
152 m
Perm is one of the oldest and biggest cities in the Urals. It is situated on the border of Europe and Asia but still in Europe. Perm stretches along the mighty Kama River for nearly 65 kilometres. Perm was founded on May 17th, 1723 as a stronghold and a settling of workers of Yegoshikhinski copper foundary. In 1780 Yegoshikhinski settling was chosen to be the best geographical place for the centre of a big area named Perm Region. Nowadays Perm is an administrative, industrial, scientific and cultural centre. There are over 80 factories and plants, more than 30 research institutes, 8 higher educational institutions, 4 theatres and the Opera and Ballet House in Perm. Perm is a big river port. Via the Kama River and the system of canals Perm has an access to five seas (the Caspian Sea, the Azov Sea, the Black Sea, the Baltic Sea and the White sea).

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
658 All Buildings
under construction

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Zhemchuzhina 292 ft 2007
2 Aquarelle 1 278 ft 2008
3 Ulitsa Malkova 24A 198 ft 2012
4 Ulitsa Goleva 13 176 ft 2008
5 Headliner - 2020