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About Hadera

80,200 in city
53 km² (20 mi²)
40 m
Hadera was founded in 1890. The city's name is similar to "Heder", hebrew for a room or torah school, but also derives from al-khadra, arabic for "the Green" - a reference to the color of the swamp vegetation in the area. These uninhabitable swamp lands on which Hadera was first established were purchased by four Jewish communities from East Europe, Led by Yehoshua Hankin. Initially, this was a lonely outpost of just 10 families and 4 guards, on the sea route between Yaffo and Haifa. City status was granted in 1952. Israel's tallest structure, the 300 meter high Orot Rabin Power-plant chimneys, are located nearby. Today the city has flurished to include new residential neighbourhoods, such as the coastal suburbs of Givat Olga and Hofim to the west, and Beit Eliezer to the east. Many residential highrises are planned in both, as the city grows.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
108 All Buildings
under construction

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 1 HaDudaim Street 295 ft 2015
2 C Towers Ein HaYam 1 279 ft 2015
3 Mul Yam 2 272 ft 2020
4 Mul Yam 1 272 ft 2020
5 HaHof HaLavan 1 272 ft 2019

Building types

No. Type
89 high-rise building
14 low-rise building
4 chimney
1 skyscraper