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About Ahmadābād

5,570,585 in city
1,300 km² (502 mi²)
65 m
Ahmadabad or Ahmedabad is the main commercial city of Gujarat state. The state capital Gandhinagar is nearby. Ahmedabad was hit by a major earthquake on Jan 26, 2001, which caused widespread destruction. The city spreads on both sides of the Sabarmati river wich separates the newer and older sections. Ahmedabad has several famous architectural landmarks like the Indian Institute of Management, the ISRO complex, the Millowners Complex, Sangath, Hussain Gufa amongst others.

Metro Cities

Ahmadābād, Gandhinagar, Kalol

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
126 All Buildings

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Shapath V - 2013
2 Adani Waterlily 9 - 2016
3 Adani Waterlily 8 - 2016
4 Adani Waterlily 7 - 2016
5 Adani Waterlily 6 - 2016

Building types

No. Type
109 high-rise building
17 low-rise building