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The Stallion of the South


The Stallion of the South

Structure in General

planned [proposed]


  • The sculpture takes the form of a perfect facsimile of a white horse complete with bridle and is 33 times life-size - a man standing next to it would only come up to its hoof.
  • The design was chosen in part because the white horse is a symbol of Kent. It will overlook the A2, Ebbsfleet International station as well as Ebbsfleet Valley and will be seen by an estimated 60 million people per year.
  • Other artists commissioned to design a sculpture for this site were Daniel Buren, Richard Deacon, Christopher Le Brun and Rachel Whiteread.
  • This is Britain's largest monumental sculpture and is comparable in scale to the Statue of Liberty.

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Springhead Park
United Kingdom

Technical Data

164.00 ft
164.00 ft

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