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Royal Albert Hall

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Royal Albert Hall
Royal Albert Hall of Arts and Sciences


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  • The Royal Albert Hall is named in honour of Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert.
  • The foundation stone was laid by Queen Victoria in 1867.
  • Opened by Queen Victoria.
  • The final construction cost at the time was £199,748.
  • The Albert Hall has been home to the BBC Proms since 1941.
  • On December 18, 1909, Britain's first indoor marathon was run inside the hall.
  • The building's exterior is encircled by an 800-foot frieze, part of which reads: "This Hall was erected for the advancement of the Arts and Sciences and works of industry of all nations in fulfilment of the intention of Albert Prince Consort.".
  • During the months of October and November of 1908, the hall was used for the first time as a boxing arena, specifically boxing for the 1908 London Olympic Games.
  • On April 6, 1968, the first Eurovision Song Contest to be broadcast in colour was held in the hall.
  • The Albert Hall is England's largest purpose-built concert hall and has the capacity for an audience of 5,500 which, for practical reasons, is down from an original capacity of 7,000.
  • The first brick was laid on November 7, 1867.
  • The hall was first employed in its capacity as a cinema in 1905.
  • Famous people and performers to have graced the hall include Edward Elgar, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Cliff Richard, Chuck Berry, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Muhammad Ali, Frank Sinatra, Phil Collins, Diana Ross, Eric Clapton, Stephen Hawking, Sting, Elton John and George Michael.
  • The hall is topped with a spectacular glass and iron dome.
  • The Royal Albert Hall is Grade I Listed.
  • Since opening in 1871, the hall has hosted over 150,000 performances.
  • JK Rowling read extracts from her fourth Harry Potter book in the hall on June 26, 2003.
  • In 1888 the hall was electrically illuminated by the Anglo-American British Electric Light Corporation.
  • This is one of Britain's most famous buildings and is one of the world's most famous concert venues.

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Features & Amenities

  • One of the city's famous buildings
  • City landmark
  • National landmark
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