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General Post Office

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General Post Office


Structure in General

building with towers
existing [completed]
applied masonry
light brown brown


governmental office post office
service branch(es) mercantile


  • At the time of its construction there were strong expenditure constraints imposed by the new Commonwealth Government and it was intended to construct the building without its clock tower.
  • In an act of civic pride, the citizens of Hobart completely financed the erection of the clock tower.
  • It was from this building that on 8th March 1912, Roald Amundsen sent his telegram to confirm to the world that he had reached the South Pole and returned safely.
  • The clock was made by Mr. F.C. Ziegeler of Melbourne.
  • The clock and tower are a memorial to Queen Victoria's 64-year reign.
  • The GPO building was constructed by five stonemasons under the supervision of the head stonemason, Tom Wiggins, and was the first public building opened after Federation.
  • The hour bell weighs one-and-a-half tons whilst the four chimes collectively weigh one ton.
  • The cost of the clock tower was £1,465.
  • The site of the GPO, on the corner of Macquarie Street and Elizabeth Street, was purchased from the Lord Family in 1892 for £12,000.
  • The building's sandstone came from Campania and the Bryn Estyn Estate, north of Hobart, and the slate used on the roof came from a quarry on Mt. Wellington.
  • The clock was started at 2:15 pm on 22nd June, 1906 at the official opening attended by Lady Strickland, the wife of the Governor.
  • The chimes used are the same as those of the Westminster Clock (more commonly known as Palace of Westminster or Big Ben), and are tuned in the key of E-major.

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9 Elizabeth Street
Elizabeth Street

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  • One of the city's famous buildings
  • City landmark
  • National landmark
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