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20-22 Currie Street


20-22 Currie Street


Structure in General

unbuilt [cancelled]
stainless steel
curtain wall
white light gray


commercial office
restaurant mercantile parking


  • Even though that from level 12 upwards the building will be covered in a glass façade, 70% of built form behind the glass will actually be concrete to minimize the sun load and reduce energy costs.
  • Will include a 250,000 liter rainwater tank, designed to capture rainwater for internal consumption.
  • To encourage the occupiers to use environmentally friendly means of transportation, the building will provide 120 secure bicyle parks and shower facilities on the ground floor.
  • The building will employ double glazing for thermal control and in addition, the glazing will be in a matt finish to reduce glare.
  • Will aim to achieve a 5 star Australian Building Greenhouse Rating for energy efficiency.
  • To reduce air-conditioning costs, vertical louvres will be placed on the building's western and eastern façades, where heat from the sun is strongest.
  • The orientation of the main section of the building is along the east-west axis, maximising northern sun whilst minimizing the bright western and eastern sun.
  • T5 low energy light fittings will be used throughout the building.
  • The building will recycle approximately 70% of rainwater which will be used to flush toilets.
  • The building will feature a restaurant on the top floor.
  • At level 12, the building's distinctive cantilever starts to appear, starting 25m set back from Currie Street; when it reaches the structural height of the building, the cantilever will be set back from Currie Street by 5m.
  • The building will feature an 11-level frontage on Currie Street where the building's 3-level entry foyer will be located.
  • The building sits on an irregular 'T' shape site, and will have a 14.72m frontage on Currie Street, a 40m frontage on Gilbert Place and a 30.30m frontage on Peel Street.
  • The building will feature glass elevators visible from the outside.
  • Workers will be able to enjoy a 25m lap-pool and a fully equipped gymnasium.

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27-37 Gilbert Place, 20-22 Currie Street, 22-28 Peel Street
20-22 Currie Street
South Australia

Technical Data

405.84 ft
400.92 ft
380.48 ft

Involved Companies

Tectvs Pty Ltd

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